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Something About Me!

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious."

I am an IT Administrator in Dubai with 3 years of experience in Pakistan and 1 year in Gulf (Dubai, UAE). I am Cisco Certified Network Professional, Microsoft Certified Solution Expert 2012, Junipers Network Certified Internet Specialist, Certified Ethical Hacker v8 and Security Researcher acknowledged by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Freelancer, SoundCloud and major other multinational companies. I have been working as web developer and designer since 2009, and my expertise are WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

In liesure, I love photography, reading books, playing with codes and learning new technologies.


IT Administration

My experience includes VPN, Active Directory, Centralized Files and Printing system, Auto-backup, Cloud Computing, Web Application enhancements, Systems, Web Application and Network Security, Search Engine Optimization and SMO.


Security Resaerch

Being an experienced Web Developer I realized Security as an important factor for any Web Application. My aim is to make online world a secure, safe and reliable place. I started with random sites, and later got involved in bug bounties.


Web Developer

Started with in-house development on CMS including Joomla, Drupal and Magento, and later got familiar with WordPress in late 2009. Afterwards, working as WordPress developer for customization, PSD to WP, security enhancements.

System Administrator

I worked at Attock Online as System & Network Administrator, where my responsibilities included, but were not limited to, configuring, installing, and troubleshooting peripheral devices connected to the network, wireless networks, network security, documentation, network availability, Backups and restoration and upgrading/ updating the Servers/ Systems of Attock Online.

WordPress Developer

I’ve been working as Freelance WordPress developer specialized for customization and enhancements into existing Business websites and newly created websites. Security enhancements, Search Engine Optimization (On-Site), Social Media Integration, Payment Gateways Integration, BuddyPress, MultiSite and Loading Speed Optimization are some of the stuff, I have most experienced about.

Have somethin' to discuss?

Let's be friends on social media, you may find links to my accounts at the bottom. If you have something to discuss about, let me know it right away by using the contact form below or you can email me anytime. If you have work for me, then drop me an email with your requirements and details, I'll be getting back to you shortly.


Work Time

IT Services are provided during Office Working time. However, I prefer development and coding work during nights, as that is something to be carefully focused on.


Exchange of Ideas

Nobody is perfect, and everyone needs suggestions, every mind has ideas but need some guidence to make it an innovation, need advises or requires walkthrough , so do I.


Speak Up!

Communication is always important in any project or in any relationship to make things clear and understandable for both parties, so one should Speak UP for what he likes.

Contact Me

First Step is that you need to contact me and let me know all your details and purpose of hiring along with budget and time period for which you need my help.


Upon receiving email from your side, I will read the requirements, and will send you a complete proposal based on your requirements and needs including my price and time I would required.


Once both parties are agreed with same consent, then I will start the work, and will keep you updated with every step. So, you can know the progress.


Upon completion, I would hand over you the completed project, and you can transfer the funds once you are satisfied. Your feedback would greatly be appreciated.


Clients' feedback makes me improved in my professional services and improvement leads to more better quality of work. So feedback is important for improvements.

check out my latest work

I work as freelance WordPress Developer, and I have worked with various local and international companies and programmers team on hundreds of professional businesses, educational, academics, social, dynamic and static informational websites. WordPress is my expertise, and I love to develop WordPress websites. My experience and specialization includes, but not limited to PSD/ HTML To WordPress, Customization into Existing theme, almost any plugin configuration, plugin development, from any platform into WordPress, security enhancements, Fast Page Loading Speed Optimization, Social Media Integration, Payment Gateways Integration to Allow payments through PayPal, Bank transfer and Credit Cards, Search Engine Optimization and custom page layouts, and custom functionality. Every client has different requirement...


don't be shy and contact me

If you have any question, suggestion or something to discuss with me. Please, feel free to contact me through contact form, email or call me anytime. I would be more than glad to assist you.

  • Saqib Kamran
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • +971 (52) 999 8703
  • http://saqibkamran.com