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A Freelancer or freelance worker is a person who is not committed to a full-time, particularly long-term employment and it would be more appropriate to say an independent self-employed contractor working on his own will. Usually, Freelancers are working on short-term or project bases which is temporary and as soon as they finish their task, the contract...
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Freelancing is a technical and modern term for being self employed. It’s like being one’s own boss and own employee who work for himself with no orders and no restrictions. Therefore, freelancers are responsible for their own success and failure. It looks so fantasizing, but it’s not that easy as it sounds. Freelancing career is actually giving...
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As you are already aware of the what is freelancing, and you might also know about the regular jobs. We all had a dream job in our childhood, and according to a survey 80% workers are doing a regular job and only 20% choose to be a freelancer. If so, then why freelancing is better than job? Here we...
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