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Improve Website Loading Speed – GTMetrix

Note: By the end of this article, if you have followed all the simple instructions, your website loading speed score will be above 90% (at least) on GTMetrix results. Plugins section of this article is valid for WordPress users only.

Website loading speed is one factor of getting ranked in Google, according to latest Panda update. So to get a good ranking in SERPs, we can say having good loading speed performance is a plus point. So having a good theme, after having great keyword research you finally got high quality content and backlinks, you have definitely got most of the factors to improve ranking, but let’s add this factor into our list to improve our website performance and ranking as well. It’s all about giving better user experience to our visitors and readers. And other than for ranking purpose, it is also very important. Because if your website is taking more time to load, probably your reader will close it even without they see it. So all the hard work you have done in activating a fancy premium theme, writing high quality content and creating back-links could be ruined by just one factor, slow website loading speed.

Different locations have got different internet speed and your website loading speed is dependent on their Internet Speed, right? If so, then what about the visitors with slow internet speed? Well, it’s not about their internet speed, instead it’s more about how optimized your website is. And your website should load faster for your visitors.

How to check Website Loading Speed?

GTMetrix and PingDom  are great tools where you can check your website loading speed.

Plugins to Improve Website Loading Speed

When we ask experts opinion about how we can get our website performance better. The solutions mention two plugins i.e. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. However both might have conflicts to work together same as in case of using plugins for SEO, where we have SEO by Yoast Team on one side and on the other hand we have SEO All in One. Both are the best plugins, but we can’t keep both of them as they conflict with each other. So today I am going to suggest only one which I personally use for my websites and blogs.

But today we have to keep everything simple to get instant results. W3 Total Cache looks quite difficult to configure but let’s get it straight forward and simple, you need to enable all the checkboxes that are “Recommended”. Pretty Easy? Huh!

Luckily, W3 Total Cache Plugin has features of exporting and importing configuration file. If you want even quicker results, you can simply download the W3 Total cache Configuration File and import it.

Now check again with gtmetrix results. It will mention some images on your website which needs to be optimized. There are two simple ways to do so. All you need to do is to follow the GTMetrix Recommendations to optimize your images.

First you need to get optimized version of your image. Luckily GTMetrix provides optimized version of images with its results. And second you need to set the dimensions of the image (if mentioned by the GTMetrix results). And once you are done, check back and your website loading speed will already be above 90%.

Looking for someone to help you out in increasing performance of your website? Don’t worry I am here for you.

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