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  • Keyword Research – Competition and Monthly Search Volume Analysis based on location.
  • Competitors Research – Keywords from competitors and analysis of their ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).


On-Page SEO:

  • In-Depth Site Analysis and Initial Rank Report
  • HTML Code Cleanup, Robots.txt, Canonicalization
  • Creation of XML / HTML Sitemaps and submission to Google (65.2%), Bing (2.5%), Yahoo (4.9%)(10.1%), Baidu (8.2% globally, 80% in China) and Yandex (2.8% globally and 62% in Russia)
  • txt and .htaccess creation and optimization
  • Page load Speed Improvements
    • Server Compression using mod_deflate (Apache) and HttpGzipModule (Nginx)
    • Enabling browser cache
    • Minify Resources (HTML, CSS and JavaScript using YUI Compressor and JSMin or Closure Complier)
    • Optimized CSS Delivery
    • Minimizing Redirects
    • CDN (Content Delivery Network for CSS, JS and Image files)
    • Optimizing the static resources with ‘expires header’
    • Disabling pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Optimization of Titles, Meta Tags, Meta Description, H1, H2 and paragraphs
  • Permalinks optimization, Canonicalization and rectifications of 301, 302 and 404
  • Keyword Density Rectification in content
  • CTR (Code to Content Ratio) Rectification and Optimization
  • Images optimization with Alt-Tags and SEO Title
  • Addition of Src Attribute, Responsiveness and dimension specification of images
  • Internal Linking and Authoritative External linking
  • RSS Feeds Setup and integration with feed burner to improve DA (Domain Authority)
  • Regular search engine optimized article / blog postings


Off-Page SEO

  • Search Appearance Improvements –Rich Snippet, Breadcrumbs, Knowledge Graph, Product Ratings, Structured Data Markup, Site Links and Data Highlighting.
  • Detailed reports on Analytics – Including Impressions, CRT (Click through Ratio against views), Page views, Search volume, visitors (daily and monthly analysis).
  • Strategy of diversify anchor text, platforms and IPs.
  • Joining related forms, blogging networks, communities to create backlinks and attract interested users.
  • Commenting, forum posts and guest blog postings on related websites and PBNs.
  • Social Bookmarking (Reddit, Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon)
  • Creation of PBNs (private blogging networks – includes web 2.0, content submission, guest posting and forums). Improving DA (Domain Authority) of the PBNs in SE (search Engines) and then referring those PBNs to main domain to meet Google Algorithm requirements and improving ranking in SERPs as well as improvement in DA of main domain.
  • International Targeting, Google Business Page Setup with Location on Map.
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