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Once the website is ready, now it needs some visitors, potential leads, and to get those leads your website needs Internet Marketing which includes but not limited to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Services, and Reputation Management.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media APIs integration
    • Sign up / Login Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
    • Facebook commenting on website
    • Facebook / Twitter / Google+ sharing buttons and likes / following directly from website
    • Latest Tweets, Facebook Feeds on the website
  • Social Media Interactions through following methods
    • Promotions and Discount Offers
    • Replying to Comments and comments liking
    • Best Member of the Month, based on interaction and sharing the content to encourage people to interact more
    • Occasionally contacting some members personally on behalf of the company to ask for their feedback and encourage them to interact. Which will make them feel the company at very personal level. And they will be more open to sharing their views and feedback.
    • Sharing content on related pages and groups to catch more users and visitors.
    • Poling and Questioning via official accounts
  • Designing profile covers and pictures and updating them regularly based on events.
  • Featured Images and Pinned Posts to convert fans into registered users.
  • Joining related communities in Google+ and interacting with related and interested members from UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Updating Twitter Posts with images, links and news with #hashtag to meet the potential and interested members and redirect them to our website as registered users.


Reputation Management

Once the site has got excellent Page Ranking as well as listed as top results in search engine, now it needs a maintenance on monthly basis to hold that rank or position, which can be achieved by being very regular on social media as well as regularly updating the content and to be aware of Google Policies so content and strategies can be updated with the change in any policy.

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