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Website developing and designing has good scope in United Arab Emirates, so for website developer in Dubai. I have personally met many people in my experience who were looking for a reliable website developer in Dubai to build a static or dynamic website for them. However, many had bad experiences with some companies and sometimes freelancer website developer in Dubai. Today, I would like to write about some of the tips that can be helpful to find a suitable website developer in Dubai to build your website well in time and at reasonable price.


Dubai Market is huge and daily hundreds of new companies are being registered and this city never sleeps when it’s about progress and development. New companies and new businesses need their website either to have online presence and to be known by the potential market place. Dubai is advance in technology, so people spend more time on their mobiles and computers, searching for the right place and person than going around and looking by themselves. In such circumstances, your online presence is very important.

All starts from a basic website and later Internet Marketing helps your business to get to jetpack boost. It depends on business requirements, and business owner’s personal perspective, that either they want a basic static 5 page informative website or they want dynamic mixed with flash, galleries and graphical animation kind of stuff. However, the site is basic or a dynamic eye-catching one, the more important is to let your customers know that you have got a website with all your business information and important documentation. And here comes, ‘The Internet Marketing’ part, that includes Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Integration and Optimization to market your website and products and get potentials leads and visitors, that later changes into sales.

Experienced website developer in Dubai knows Qualities of Good Websites:

  • Simple yet professional and clean
  • Optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Responsive – best for any screen size
  • Social Media Integration – Facebook Page (link), Twitter Profile (link and latest tweets) etc.
  • Easy to manage and update in future
  • Secure from any potential threats


To get a website up and running is quite simple. You need two basic things; Domain (your business name) and a hosting (can be considered as a storage for your files and database). And then you need a professional website developer in dubai, actually based locally in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah or any other emirates of United Arab Emirates. Why local? Because, it is always easy to communicate with the one and transfer the exact ideas. If a remote developer takes 2 hours to understand the work then the person who is present in front of you at a coffee shop or anywhere (at your ease) will take 45 minutes to get all the idea, and can add some suggestions as well. It is easy to build trust worthy business relationship with the one who is present locally in Dubai. You can arrange meetings occasionally to discuss the ideas and to take the updates on progress. It is also easier for the developer to communicate with you or meet you whenever their is some confusion, instead of waiting for you to be online and read their emails, they can directly call you and arrange a meeting.

As we can see there are many more benefits of hiring someone because you can meet them personally and can understand them better and vice versa. As I said in start of my article that I have met many people here, and some of them had some bad experiences too while finding suitable website developer in dubai. So how can you avoid meeting such people to avoid such experiences? It is again very simple and straight forward, you just need to focus on next paragraph.

First of all, you have to create a document with all your requirements regarding design and content along with images (if possible), so it will be a clear image of what you are looking for. Once you have a clear vision of what you want as final product. You can start finding people by browsing freelancer website developer in dubai or website development companies in dubai, by typing such terms in Google, Dubizzle or Gulf News. You can also find Freelancer Website developer in Dubai from Freelancer and Elance by posting your project and specifying your preferred location for the developers and you can also invite specific people who seems interested to you. Once you have a few candidate. You can arrange a meeting with them and can interview them. To select a candidate for interview, all you need is to look at his profile, previous experience and expertise, and you can call them to have a short conversation to get an idea about their expertise. It is also advisable to provide them your document prior to meeting, so they can review that in detail and come up with some ideas or suggestion.Once selected for interview, and you are ready to meet website developer in dubai or any other state, you need to discuss about their experience in industry and then you can ask about their opinion about the requirements and what approach they are going to use. My personal advise for most of business website is ‘WordPress’, because it is most secure, easier to manage, user-friendly, seo-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that is also easy for customization and Open-source. Once you are satisfied with the skills and expertise, you can discuss about the payment, it is not advisable to pay in full before the work is started, however a milestone should be paid to build trust on both sides.

Qualities of Good Website Developer in Dubai:

  • Easy to communicate with, and could be available for short notice meetings
  • Understanding and patience to the changes in requirements (if any)
  • Listen to your requirements carefully and then gives his own opinion and suggestions, when necessary
  • Website developer in Dubai will keep you updated with the every progress
  • Reasonable in price and turn-overs
  • Will provide you a complete training on how to manage or update your website in future. Or will give you a reasonable solution for this purpose so if you can’t spend time on your website by yourself, then an alternative options should be available


Website Developer in Dubai Services

These are the general qualities that should be expected from any professional, but specially from freelancer website developer in Dubai to build your trust, because trust is very important for anything, it brings honesty in work and keeps both parties happy even unexpected circumstances are met, because both parties understand each other and they trust each other. Website Developer in Dubai is hard to find but easy to communicate.

Once your website is ready, then next target will be it’s Internet Marketing that includes Search Engine Optimization and any related activity to get traffic to your website. Because, if your website is very professional, clean and attractive and eye-catching, it has no value unless you have a guest to visit. Probably, this would be your first step towards a successful business in Dubai.

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