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Why Freelancing is Better than Job?

As you are already aware of the what is freelancing, and you might also know about the regular jobs. We all had a dream job in our childhood, and according to a survey 80% workers are doing a regular job and only 20% choose to be a freelancer. If so, then why freelancing is better than job? Here we are comparing freelancing with regular 9 to 5 jobs, and not business. Because freelancing is a kind of business itself. Let’s review some benefits that Job has over freelancing, and then we’ll discuss about what factors makes freelancing better than job.

Why people prefer to have job over Freelancing?

  • Limited responsibility is first and most important reason. They only have to work from 9-5 and that’s what they are responsible for. Nobody is going to call them and ask them to work in mid night or on off days.
  • Regular income is is another very important factor, and importance of regular income in a regular job can not be over-estimated because it gives mind satisfaction. If you have worked a lot or you haven’t been working so well. You will definitely get your salary at the end of each month until you have the job.
  • Routine work could be another reason people prefer to have, thus they go for option to do a regular job.
  • Promotions and retirement plans are some other reasons which convince people’s mind to go for a regular job, as it is for long-term.

You are getting regular payments at the end of each month with such limited liability and responsibility and getting more allowances and benefits with the job, then who would like to go with freelancing, huh! Well if you are thinking the same, then let’s discuss some important factors of freelancing which will make you think about leaving your regular job and go for freelancing because freelancing is better than job.

Why Freelancing is better than Job?

  • Freedom of work and freedom of time. Most important factor is that freelancers are free to do anything they like to do. Some people feel as they are more productive in evening than in the morning, and so they work according to their own routine and are not answerable to anyone if they don’t come to work some day. So freedom in freelancing is what makes it a dream work.
  • It requires Confidence, Skills and Expertise. If you have got it, that’s all you need in freelancing and you will be making more money in a week than your 9 to 5 job. Because freelancing is more about doing projects.
  • Freelancers are living their own life and dreams. It is commonly said that if you will not get up and start working to make your dreams come true, somebody will hire you to complete their dreams. It’s pretty clear if you are doing a job you are completing someone’s dream by compromising on your own. Some people at this point might be thinking, no we are earning very well and we have complete our own dreams as well. So let’s discuss about earning in very next point.
  • As said before, freelancing is a type of business. And as per my own personal experience I’ve always been earning x3 of whatever my age page are making from their regular jobs. That’s because freelancing gives you power to do whatever you want to do and there are no restrictions or boundaries to it. However in job, even you work for 12 – 15 hours a day, you are going to get same salary at the end.
  • Freelancers are free to do work anytime and take off anytime depending on their own will and needs. The good thing is, they don’t have to request someone first and wait for the approval from someone, which more looks like doing a robot job as a slave from 9 to 5.
  • Freelancers can do multiple business at a time. On one side where their is no guarantee nor any predefined digits of monthly income they will get at the end of each month, there is surely a guarantee that you will get based on your individual performance and abilities.

I hope I haven’t missed any point here. However, if I come across any new points that I should mention I will surely keep this article updated with latest information. So people can differentiate between the careers and they can choose the one suits them best based on latest information, facts and figures. You have got some good points to prove your view? Please comment below and share your opinion with me.

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