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Why to choose freelancing career?

Freelancing is a technical and modern term for being self employed. It’s like being one’s own boss and own employee who work for himself with no orders and no restrictions. Therefore, freelancers are responsible for their own success and failure. It looks so fantasizing, but it’s not that easy as it sounds. Freelancing career is actually giving more time than in normal job, and having more responsible as well. Full time freelancing is something difficult that everyone can’t do because decision making is a talent in itself. Bearing the work pressure, undergoing the hardships alone, everyone is not potent enough for it.

In the past, present and upcoming time, people always want freedom. They want freedom not only the constitution grants but the freedom to work and perform their own way and thus freelancing career is becoming a popular term now.


Why Freelancing Career?

Gives your thoughts a shape

As Einstein said that if the same job is given to everyone, some people will believe themselves as stupid for the rest of life. Because everyone is not for everything, and everything is not for everyone. Every individual is unique in oneself. God has granted everyone with some creativeness and talent. Many have a great desire walk on their own path, yet in a normal office job, it’s rare that they could ever find a platform to display their ability. Freelancing career releases one with abilities, from being a puppet of boss.

As a freelancer one get a wider exposure that is naturally work in different roles and for many different companies. This helps to build a unique range of experiences and skills.

Turns Free Time to Money

There is no dearth of individuals who spend more than half their life serving for other’s ideas, with an under estimated wages no matter how much money you will earn every month, however large is your package, it runs out way too early. So, if you can snatch out some time out of your job, it’s then like head and tail both are yours. You can keep your job and work for your own too. You can spend on the necessities one way and save for the future by other way. Part time Freelancers are paid higher rates due to the flexible nature of the relationship. As a freelancer, you get opportunity to work overtime at very good rates. You can use the interstices you get in the day time or utilize your spare time for it. Thus you can prove true TIME IS MONEY.

Dreams come true

Freelancing launches new career options for you, career options which you ever dreamed in past, and which are not fulfilled. Freelancing career designs a new professional career for those who catch fast and for those who are willing to learn new things. For such people sky is the limit. This opens a good opportunity to really do something you dreamt of (if you aren’t already doing it and in this career choice, you must have a part in making some rules.

Convenience to work

A full time freelancer can have flexibility of hours. He can do work of hours or some time he can permit himself to take off for days. One can develop his freelancing career in a way that suits one’s personal circumstances at any given time. Freelancers can also work for multiple clients at the same time, on many different projects, according to their potential and time management skills.. There is a direct connection between work efforts and rewards which is not common in 9 to 5 jobs. Freelancers has ability to far more independent than the desk job employees.

As a coin has 2 faces, same is the case with adapting a freelancing career, pros and cons are two sides, equally important. If one side freelancing career implies professional freedom it also means instability and risk of failure. It induces instability of income and workload. It can also clash up your personal and professional life, only if you don’t draw a proper margin between the two. It also involves a lot of legwork, because you are responsible to search the job for yourself, and it harder than to crack a nut than to convince people to rely on you.

Opportunities in Freelancing Career

The most important reason for someone to choose freelancing career is diversity. Freelancers can choose any work of their own choice matching their abilities and can give it exposure at their will. If someone wants to come a developer and start doing website development, or if someone has got expertise in search engine optimization or internet marketing, they can choose that as a career path in freelancing. Opportunities are limitless and it’s all about skills and expertise and passion to learn new technologies. Which is another very good point we can’t over-estimate. Experts believe in continuous learning and in freelancing career they get enough time to learn and practice new stuff and follow their passion.

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